What ammunition does Russia buy to fight Ukraine ?


The Korean Surplus 30 Carbine is a military surplus rifle that was manufactured in the 1960s. It is a gas-operated, rotary magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle. It has an adjustable rear sight and a hooded front sight with an elevation knob. The barrel length is 18 inches and the overall length is 36 inches. The weight of the rifle is about 5 pounds unloaded and 7 pounds loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition.

This rifle was originally designed for military use but now it can be found in hunting stores, gun shows, or on auction sites like eBay or GunBroker.

The Korean Surplus 30 Carbine was designed to be used as both a hunting rifle and as a tactical weapon for combat situations.

The Korean Surplus 30 Carbine is a semi-automatic rifle which fires the 7.62x39mm round.

The Korean Surplus 30 Carbine is a semi-automatic rifle which fires the 7.62x39mm round. The carbine was originally developed in 1944 by the Soviet Union and was later modified to use the 7.62x39mm round in 1951. It was used by both sides during the Korean War, and it is still used by North Korea today.

The 30 Carbine is a lightweight rifle that was designed to replace the .30-30. It was designed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1944 and it has a recoil force of about 40% less than the .30-30.

Ammunition is a small, metal, cylindrical object that is designed to be fired from a weapon. The word “ammunition” comes from the French language, where it originally meant “material for war“.

The ammunition used by a soldier or a military unit typically consists of small arms ammunition and artillery. In some cases, however, the term may refer to bombs and missiles too.

Korean Surplus 30 Carbine ammunition are manufactured in Korea and are high quality rounds that can be used in any 30 carbine rifle such as an M1 carbine or an SKS rifle.

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