Zenith Z-5RS


The style is certainly something you won’t be unfamiliar with even if Zenith isn’t a name brand that you immediately recognize. The design here is based on the coveted purpose-built CQB weapons system and highly regarded ergonomic king, the German-designed Heckler & Koch MP5.

Zenith is an American company based out of Afton Virginia and when the Z-5RS came out, the original HK MP5 had no civilian variants and thus, weren’t legal to own for the majority of the people that adored the design for a very long time. HK MP5 platforms (SP5) eventually were released in civilian versions but started to become collectible and extremely expensive and as such, wear and tear starts to really eat into the value of your precious collectible firearm. Furthermore, many of the MP5 variants that were imported into the states had to omit certain key features that made the platform great in the first place. Zenith ensures this isn’t a problem and every Z-5RS comes with the same great features we liked to see from the original MP5 design with no omissions.

In comes the Zenith Z-5RS. A firearm that doesn’t have historical collectible value (yet) and a firearm that isn’t just a silly knock-off but arguably right on par with the quality and performance of the actual HK MP5. These firearms are manufactured by MKE in Turkey at state-of-the-art facilities and are imported by the Americans that work at Zenith stateside. MKE is a licensed manufacturer of the original MP5 and many other high profile firearms and used very similar or the same true-to-spec machining and tooling to create the parts that later go into the creation of the Z-5RS.